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What can Energy Gate do for you?

Energy Recruitment

A highly efficient and customizable solution for human capital management, Our Software not only helps in automating processes but also enables users in tracking operations.

It’s complying with the local VAT laws in all GCC countries.

With Our Software, users can revamp their organization’s structure by auto-populating their establishment and viewing respective departments in a multi-level format.

The Software can also define job grades, roles and responsibilities on various parameters including its effect on the CTC.

The revolutionary automating features in the human resource management software enable its users to steer the whole recruitment process including aspects such as manpower planning, requisitions, candidate screening, filtering, sorting, ranking and selection.

Users can on board the new recruits with a user-definable process definition and can also get detailed information of the employees and manage it with efficiency. With the software, multi-level approval process can be defined with rules on hierarchies, companies, locations and document expiry alerts on its portal.

To discuss the challenges or requirements for your business, opt for a free consultation from our product experts.

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Human Resource


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What makes us so special?

Whats Makes Energy Gate So Special

Strategy Development

Interpreting your goals and business model, identifying potential threats opportunities & develop personalize strategic HR solutions.

Manpower Planning

Bench marking against industry leading competitors and considering your business goals to help you put together an effective manpower plan for your future business requirements.

Performance Management Systems

Providing systems that deliver constructive feedback mechanisms to employees and help them to achieve the KRA’s that their roles involve.

Audit Feature 

Providing you with a comprehensive and systematic analysis of your current HR department to identify areas of improvement and enhancement.

Policy & Process Development

Developing policies and processes to govern your company’s HR operations and implementing the UAE’s Labour Laws as well as best practices within your industry.

Role Descriptions

Designing and developing role descriptions in combination with a Job Family Model to provide your staff clarity on their roles and their key result areas.

Compensation & Reward Strategies

Providing current market insights on industry-based salary trends, enabling you to gain a competitive edge. We conduct salary bench marking exercises that attract and retain key talent as well as developing monetary and non monetary rewards chemes.

Organizational Structuring

Analyzing your business to identify gaps that are limiting your growth; we look at the sustainability of your business’ structure and ensuring capability is built within the organization.

PRO Services

We offer independent PRO services for SME. The array of services encompass govt. paperwork visa stamping or the cancellation/renewal, notarization, academic document attestation, trade license renewal etc. Customized service is provided by our bilingual PRO’s by liaising with govt. offices.

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