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You will be responsible for installing and repairing complex electrical control, wiring, and lighting systems working from a technical blueprint. To perform in this role you need an electrician degree from a technical college and experience in the field working on simple and complex electrical systems.

Electrician Responsibilities:
Installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical control, wiring, and lighting systems.
Reading technical diagrams and blueprints.
Performing general electrical maintenance.
Inspecting transformers, circuit breakers, and other electrical components.
Troubleshooting electrical issues using appropriate testing devices.
Repairing and replacing equipment, electrical wiring, and fixtures.
Following National Electrical Code state and local building regulations.
Performing circuit breaker corrective maintenance.
Maintaining good knowledge of heating and air conditioning systems as well as various testing equipment.
Electrician Requirements:
Completion of electrician apprenticeship.
Experience working as an electrician.
High school diploma.
Deep electrical system, power generation, blueprints, maintenance, and repair knowledge.
Experience in the renewable energy field.

Metal Fabricator

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As a metal fabricator, you will be responsible for reading and interpreting engineering blueprints, fabricating metal components or structures, and performing quality checks on finished products. You may also be required to set up fabricating machines and design custom templates.

To ensure success as a metal fabricator, you should have advanced knowledge of industrial metalwork, a good eye for detail, and excellent mathematical skills. Ultimately, a top-class metal fabricator expertly constructs high-quality products to exact specifications.

Metal Fabricator Responsibilities:
Reading and interpreting engineering blueprints.
Constructing base templates if necessary.
Measuring and marking out cutting and bending lines.
Setting up metalwork machinery including rollers, drill presses, flame cutters, brakes, and shears.
Double-checking design specifications before commencing with cutting work.
Fabricating and constructing metal components.
Grinding and finishing completed products.
Performing quality checks on completed products.
Conforming with state and company safety regulations.
Completing job reports.
Metal Fabricator Requirements:
Previous work experience as a metal fabricator.
AWS certification and advanced welding experience.
Advanced knowledge of engineering design and manufacturing procedures.
Ability to read and interpret engineering blueprints.
Proficiency with metal fabrication tools including shears, rollers, flame cutters, and drill presses.
Advanced mathematical and engineering skills.
Ability to lift and manipulate large metal objects.
Ability to stand for long periods.

Pipe Fabricator

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We are looking for a reliable pipe fitter to plan, install and maintain piping systems in industrial and residential properties. The pipe fitter will be responsible for reviewing blueprints, planning, installing, and maintaining piping systems and related equipment.

To be successful as a pipe fitter you should have ample experience in welding and installing pipe systems according to specifications. Ultimately, a top pipe fitter has excellent mechanical skills and a good understanding of the requirements and precautions necessary for working with pipes conveying dangerous chemicals and liquids.

Pipe Fitter Responsibilities:

Inspecting the workplace, clearing obstructions and preparing materials and equipment.
Studying blueprints and planning pipe systems and related equipment installations.
Using a variety of tools to modify pipes to specifications.
Measuring and marking pipes for cutting and threading.
Assembling and welding pipe components and systems.
Securing pipes to walls and fixtures with brackets, clamps, and welding equipment.
Ordering required materials such as pipes, hangars, brackets, hydraulic cylinders, etc.
Repairing and maintaining pipe systems, supports, and related equipment.
Clearing pipe systems of obstructions and testing their functionality.
Complying with relevant codes and regulatory standards.

Pipe Fitter Requirements:

High school diploma/GED.
Trade school education or apprenticeship.
Meet state licensure requirements.
Proven experience as a Pipe Fitter.
Excellent mechanical and troubleshooting skills.
Ability to prioritize and maintain strong attention to detail.
Good communication and managerial skills.
Physical dexterity.

Arc Welder

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Employee Duties & Responsibilities

1) Welds together metal components of products, like pipelines, automobiles, boilers, ships, aircraft, and mobile homes, as specified by layout, blueprints, diagram, work order, procedures, or oral instructions, using electric arc- equipment.

2) Obtains specified electrode inserts electrode into portable holder or threads consumable electrode wire through portable gun.

3) Connects cables from unit to obtain amperage, voltage, slope and pulse, as specified by Welding Engineer profess. & kin. or Welding Technician profess. kin.
4) Starts power supply to produce electric current.

5) Strikes forms arc which generates heat to melt and deposit metal from electrode to workpiece join edges of workpiece.

6) Manually guides electrode or gun along weld line, maintaining length of arc and speed of movement to form specified depth of fusion bead, as judged from color of metal, sound of weld, and size of molten puddle.

7) Welds in flat, horizontal, vertical, or overhead positions.

8) Examines weld for bead size other specifications.

9) May manually apply filler rod to supply weld metal.

10) May clean or degrease weld joint or workpiece, using wire brush, portable grinder, or chemical bath.

11) May repair broken or cracked parts fill holes.

12) May prepare broken parts for by grooving or scarfing surfaces.

13) May chip off excess weld, slag, and spatter, using hand scraper or power chipper.

14) May preheat workpiece, using hand torch or heating furnace.

15) May position clamp workpieces together or assemble them in jig or fixture.

16) May tack assemblies together.

17) May cut metal plates or structural shapes.

18) May be designated according to type of equipment used as Welder, Carbon Arc ; Welder, Flux-Cored Arc ; Welder, Gas-Metal Arc ; Welder, Gas-Tungsten Arc ; Welder, Hand, Submerged Arc ; Welder, Plasma Arc ; Welder, Shielded-Metal Arc .

19) May operate other machine shop equipment to prepare components for .

20) May be designated according to product welded as Welder, Boilermaker struct.

21) Important variations include types of metals welded, subprocesses used, trade name of equipment used, work site in-plant, job shop, construction site, shipyard , method of application manual, semiautomatic , high-production or custom, level of ambidexterity required, type of joints welded seam, spot, butt .

22) May be required to pass employer performance tests or standard tests to meet certification standards of governmental agencies or professional technical associations..

Tig Welder

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Tig Welder Job Summary
We are looking for an experienced TIG Welder to join our manufacturing team. Our ideal applicant has experience TIG welding stainless steel and aluminum, as well as experience with MIG welding processes and various grinding tools. You must be able to read blueprints or technical schematics. We expect our team members to have strong attention to detail in order to ensure the quality of each weld and the safety of the workplace.

Tig Welder Duties and Responsibilities:

Use gas tungsten arc equipment as part of the fabrication process
Install or repair metal components
Use grinding equipment in the cleaning process
Follow blueprints or technical schematics
Tig Welder Requirements and Qualifications
High school diploma or GED certificate
Completion of technical training or apprenticeship
Knowledge of both TIG and MIG welding preferred
Welding certification preferred
Attention to detail


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The role of the Valve Mechanical Helper is to Carries out ''Critical Work Orders'' & Performs jobs given on weekly basis by direct supervisor.

2. JOB ACCOUNTABILITIES & OBJECTIVES (MAXIMUM OF 10): What duties are required for the position to exist? Estimate the percentage of time required for each

a. Meet /or exceed completion of valves servicing in assigned area, by way of: a. Achieving and maintaining quantified results (QBRs) of service;
b. Attendance of many shutdowns of Power Plants / Oil Refineries / Petrochemical Plants (at least 3 shutdowns) where the candidate participated in repairing all kinds of valves at those plants.
c. Provide both on-site and off-site technical support to clients:
d. Experience in maintenance activities of mechanical machinery / valves with a strong mechanical background.
e. Collaborate and work closely with the following Servtech teams to maximize service satisfaction to the client:
f. Comply with BG Group ethics and trade compliance procedures in all business transactions.

3. OTHER DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: Responsibilities / important duties performed occasionally or in addition to the essential duties

1. Coordinate services and with company supervisors
2. Report on regular basis to HOD on service testing, and calibration.
3. Attend monthly sales meetings with HOD to discuss technical issues, and ongoing developments.
4. Report on daily basis to respective Supervisor for completed jobs.


• Job completion targets
• Quantified business results (QBRs)
• Time allocation:
o 70% on contacting and executing service activities to external clients
o 20% on technical support and training
o 10% on follow-us and reports

A. Education/Experience:
• Diploma in Mechanical
• 5 years’ experience in all type of mechanical machinery / valves overhauling activities
• 5 years’ experience in shut off valves servicing activities
B. Specific knowledge:
• Familiarity with the power, Oil & Gas, process control Industry
• Familiarity with all types of valves and testing methods
• Knowledge of control and safety valve functions, and valve sizing
C. Ability/Skills:
• Language Skills: Fluency in English. Fluency in additional Arabic and other languages such as Hindi is an added advantage.
• Mathematical Skills: High level of capability to work with mathematical concepts, apply them and their proportions to practical situations.
• Reasoning Ability: Demonstrated ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts and draw valid conclusions. Ability to interpret an extensive variety of instructions and deal with several abstract and concrete variables.

• Customer Service Orientation
• Initiative and Commitment to Achieve
• Organizing for Results
• Effective Communication
• Influence and Negotiation
• Problem solving and Decision making

• Continuous learning, i.e. keen interest in technology
• Business & Field Awareness

• Must be able to generate immediate credibility with customers, and Oil and Gas engineering communities
• Flexibility to travel for job related activities
• Self-starter with a strong desire to succeed and be able to work without close supervision.

Electrical Sales Engineer

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Responsibilities and Tasks Meet /or exceed sales of instruments servicing in assigned market area
Achievingand maintaining quantified business results (QBRs) of sales service;
Representing instrumentation services to customers
Meeting with and coordinating informationto clients on regular basis, i.e. including Servtech on vendors’ list, providing updates on new projects etc.
Obtaining shutdown schedules for key customers.
Build relationships with clients. Build and maintain strong relationships with existing and potential clients, and industry contacts
Provide both on-site and off-site technical support to clients
Deliver product awareness and technical presentations.
Deliver site inspections for new quires
Visit on-site to address and solve client problems, and follow-ups
Conduct product training workshops
Collaborate and work closely with the following Servtech teams to maximize service satisfaction to the client:
Inside Sales team on jobs to be done on priority basis, and customer follow-up activities
Collect payments from clients.
Coordinate service sales and delivery with clients’ Purchasing Managers/ Coordinators, Maintenance Supervisors, Quality Managers, and Operation Managers.
Negotiate with clients on price, and service time delivery.
Report on regular basis to Sale Manager on service testing, and calibration.
Attend monthly sales meetings with CEO and COO to discuss sales achieved, technical issues, and ongoing developments.
Report on daily basis to respective Sales Manager client satisfaction and progress of projects
Greet and understand the customer needs
Responsible for generating ideas on ways to resolve problems and serve customers in a better way
Build and maintain good relationship with customer
Initiative and Commitment to Achieve
Influence and Negotiation
Business Awareness
Problem solving and Decision making
Organizing for Results
Effective Communication.

Inside Sales Representative

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Job title
Inside Sales Representative

Inside sales representatives sell products and services to customers either in an
office environment or a store retail location. In each setting, they will primarily
deal with either walk-in customers or source sales via email, cold calling, and
lead follow-up calls.

We are looking for a motivated and well-spoken inside sales representative to
join our sales team. The inside sales representative will be responsible for
developing new leads, communicating with customers, understanding their
needs, and ensuring a smooth sales process. You should be able to close sales
and meet targets.
To be successful as an inside sales representative you should be able to build
instant rapport and achieve customer satisfaction. A top inside sales
representative should also be very competitive and a good listener.

● Communicating with customers, making outbound calls to potential
customers, and following up on leads.
● Understanding customers' needs and identifying sales opportunities.

● Answering potential customers' questions and sending additional
information per email.

● Keeping up with product and service information and updates.

● Creating and maintaining a database of current and potential customers.

● Explaining and demonstrating features of products and services.

● Staying informed about competing products and services.

● Upselling products and services.

● Researching and qualifying new leads.

● Closing sales and achieving sales targets.

Complete the monthly Task as provided by the management


● High school diploma/GED.

● Previous experience in an outbound call center or a related sales position

● Proficiency in Microsoft Office and CRM software such as

● Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.

● Good organizational skills and the ability to multitask.

● Excellent phone and cold calling skills.

● Exceptional customer service skills.

● Strong listening and sales skills.

● Ability to achieve targets.

• Customer Service Orientation
• Initiative and Commitment to Achieve
• Organizing for Results
• Effective Communication
• Influence and Negotiation
• Problem solving and Decision making
• Continuous learning
• Business Awareness

● Ability to train and manage staff.
● Ability to work with little to no supervision

National Sales Director

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Job Title
National Sales Director

A national sales director is responsible for monitoring the sales targets and
performance of the sales force across the country's regions. National sales
directors handle the execution and release of goods and services according to
market trends and public demands. They strategize on related business
opportunities to identify additional resources that would increase the company's
revenue and profitability. A national sales director conducts data and statistical
analysis to determine pricing techniques, considering the availability of supplies
and its market demands.

● Manage relationships, POS, and oversee coffee sales for key core
accounts H.T.
● Lead team on product redesign to web-based SaaS infrastructure and
generate feature content based on customer need and marketability.
● Develop sales territory by building strong client relationships within a highly
competitive environment.
● Develop key POS material to assist the sales force across the country.
● Partner with vendors to obtain quality merchandise at desirable price
points to obtain highest ROI and profit optimization.
● Follow up with program recap including syndicate research to support
effectiveness of program as well as ROI analysis.
● Develop marketing campaigns, concepts and creative promotions including
ad copy for trade publications, the Internet, brochures and mail-outs.
● Skill in internet operations and networking software

● Develop modules for wholesaler territory management, presentation skills,
selling skills and overcoming objections.
● Reverse negative relationship with distributors through personal
relationship building, changes in sales execution, and implementation of
new distributor programs.
● Establish collaborative relationships within Wal-Mart to ensure successful
execution of the in-store experience within beauty for test and new formats.

● Sales Goals, 21%
Designed printable and electronic specification catalogs for dealers and
distributors to support sales goals.
● Sales Process, 10%
Manage C-level sales process from proposal development, financial
underwriting and contract negotiation, resulting in finalist presentations and
closing sales.
● CRM, 8%
Recruited to join an international software firm to drive the launch of a new
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and solutions
● Revenue Growth, 7%
Restructured customer service function to substantially improve quality of
support and frequency of customer contact in support of aggressive growth
● Business Development, 7%
Direct reports included four regional managers, Business Development
Manager, six customer service representatives, and National Chain
Account Manager.
● Healthcare, 7%
Developed sales initiative focusing on educational, government, and public
healthcare markets.
"Sales Goals," "Sales Process," and "CRM" aren't the only skills we found on the
To become a national sales director, you need an MBA in Business Administration or a related field. You need a minimum of five years of relevant work experience. You must possess communication, presentation, selling, interpersonal, creativity, analytical, leadership, and technical skills.

Initiative and Commitment to Achieve
• Organizing for Results
• Effective Communication
• Influence and Negotiation
• Problem solving and Decision making

• Continuous learning
• Business Awareness

● Ability to train and manage staff.
● Ability to work with little to no supervision

Outside Sales Representative

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Job Title
Outside Sales Representative

An Outside Sales Representative, or Field Sales Representative, meets with
customers in person to identify their needs and close sales deals. Their main
duties include traveling to assigned territories to meet with potential and current
customers, negotiating sales contracts and telling clients about new products,
updates and features.

Outside Sales Representatives are responsible for increasing sales by
developing and maintaining relationships with customers and clients. Duties may
include identifying prospective customers, following up on potential sales leads
and maintaining relationships with existing customers. Outside Sales
Representatives may also recommend marketing strategies designed for a target

● Identify and establish contact with potential customers

● Schedule and perform product demonstrations with potential customers

● Develop and maintain relationships with existing customers
● Attend industry trade shows to identify potential sales leads and make
meaningful contact with existing customers
● Follow industry trends to identify new opportunities for potential sales

● Recommend marketing strategies to target a specific region or
● Generate and submit sales reports to management

Outside Sales Representatives are members of the sales team who travel to
businesses within their respective territories. They meet with business
professionals either in their office, at a coffee shop, in a restaurant or at the
customer’s location of choice to present sales proposals, sell them products or
address any questions or concerns the customer has.
They travel to both prospective and current customers’ locations to check in on
their experience with the product, provide a demonstration or answer any
questions about their product or service. When they make a sale, the Outside
Sales Representative types it up in a sales report for their manager to review.

Outside Sales Representatives typically report to Sales Managers, who assign
them their territories, clients and job duties. If clients have concerns about the
Outside Sales Representative or if the Outside Sales Representative has
comments about the client, they report this to the Sales Manager, who works to
resolve these issues

A successful Outside Sales Representative candidate will have various skills and
qualifications to perform the required duties, including effective communication,
public speaking and presentation skills. Additionally, an Outside Sales
Representative candidate should have knowledge of industry trends, marketing
strategies and consumer psychology.

● Demonstrated ability in meeting sales objectives
● Impeccable interpersonal communication skills
● Thorough understanding of the industry and industry trends
● Familiarity with marketing strategies and consumer psychology
● Proficiency with the word processing, spreadsheet and presentation
● Ability and willingness to travel for trade shows, demonstrations and client

Outside Sales Representative Experience Requirements
Outside Sales Representative candidates should have experience in sales with a
demonstrated ability to achieve sales goals. Additional experience in marketing
and consumer psychology may indicate a quality Outside Sales Representative
candidate capable of converting prospective buyers to loyal customers.
Experience specific to your industry, product or service may also contribute to the
success of an Outside Sales Representative candidate since it demonstrates
existing knowledge to support sales goals and objectives.

A great Outside Sales Representative should have great communication abilities
and interpersonal skills to help them identify the goals of customers and present
their product in a way that meets or exceeds these milestones. They should also
enjoy changing work environments, as their days are usually different and don’t
typically follow a routine.

A strong Outside Sales Representative must also have effective critical thinking
and problem-solving skills to quickly answer customers’ questions and solve their
potential issues with the product or service. Since they typically don’t have a
hands-on Manager overseeing their daily work tasks, Outside Sales
Representatives should also have impressive self-discipline and
time-management skills to ensure they stay on top of their tasks to regularly meet
deadlines and hit quotas.

● Ability to train and manage staff.
● Ability to work with little to no supervision

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