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About us

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A cloud based platform focused on human talent, for the Energy, Oil & Gas Sector.  An Employer and Candidate are matched with their technical roles & company culture & vice versa.

Cloud Based

Futuristic Solutions

A solution to futuristic business & individuals including the UAE Citizens, UAE Residents, World Residents or Short-term Employment, Placement & Internships.

User Friendly

A platform which is easy to use, interactive & will let you inject a little more of your personality into every application, without taking up any extra time.

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Energy Gate is a Platform, that provides the human connection between different business and different individuals, in the Energy Sector.

What can Energy Gate do for you?

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Reviews & Rankings

At Energy Gate, We believe everyone should have the power to create & develop a career that they wish.

Business can review candidates, who have been ranked according to the preferences. This also includes their relevant role from other organizations and previous employment history based on training assessments & evaluations. With a special focus on making our clients shine, it allows you to boost employer branding, employee career path & give a competitive edge in a saturated job market.

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Our Mission

We believe every business and individual can solve their problems & challenges of growing themselves. So we make sure that they can achieve it, either by getting the right manpower for a business or the right role for an individual's career.

More Details

Our Objective



  • One-stop platform for Business and Job Seekers

  • Unique point across the Public and Private sector, Professionals and the Community at large.



  • Virtual career fairs

  • Retain professionals database

  • Participation and training

  • Effective collaborative relationship management

  • Monthly newsletter & assessment review letter


  • C - Continuous Improvement through talent hunt

  • A - Alignment of our Mission and Vision

  • R - Responsibility and Respect for our job and stakeholders

  • E - Educating one another


Our Vision

The vision of ENERGY GATE is to build & provide a cloud-based platform focused on human talent for the Energy, Oil and Gas Sector. Subsequently, to have an up-to-date comprehensive information service allowing companies & job seeker to communicate about jobs in the Public & Private sector in UAE.

Our Pledge

You don’t build a business - you build people and then people build your business.

Need some more info before you sign up?

No problem, we understand. We’ve put together a list of all the ways we can help.

Want to know more about us?

Pop us an enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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