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Laws For Job Seekers

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Ministry of HR & Emiratisation

  • Upon review of Federal Law No.1 of 1972 concerning the Mandates of Ministries & Powers of Ministers & the amending laws thereof.

  • Federal Law No.8 of 1980 on Regulation of Labor Relations, and the amending laws thereof

  • Federal Decree No.48 of 2004 on the ratification of Arab Labor Convention No.18 for 1996 concerning the employment of minors.

  • Cabinet Decree No.25 of 2010 on Domestic Work Permits.

  • Cabinet Decree No.15 for 2017 concerning service fees and administrative fines at the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

  • Ministerial Decree No.5/1 for 1981 on defining jobs that are considered hazardous, exhausting or detrimental to health, where minors are prohibited to work.

  • Ministerial Decree No.188 of 2010 concerning Regulations and Conditions for issuing Domestic Work permits.

  • Ministerial Decree No.1189 of 2010 on Regulations and Conditions for Issuing Work Permits to Minors, and its amendments.

  • Ministerial Decree No. 713 of 2016 on the Employment and Training of Students.

  • And based on what was presented by the Ministry’s Undersecretary for Human Resources Affairs.


Article (01)

  • Any establishment is permitted to train students aged 15 years & above, on condition of a written contract as per the form attached with this decree. The contract shall include the training areas, length of the training period, weekly and other holidays, the value of the bonus (if any) & any privileges granted to the trainee, in accordance with the system adopted by the establishment.

Article (03)

  • Students shall not be trained or employed except after insuring the following documents & conditions are met (1) A written consent from the student’s parent or legal guardian. (2) Emirates Identity Card (EID). (3) Proof of student status. (4) A valid UAE Residence Visa for expatriate students. (5) A physical fitness certificate issued & endorsed by a competent medical doctor. (6) However, in case of training, a written letter from the student’s parent or legal guardian will suffice as a substitute for this certificate. (7) In case of training, a No-Objection certificate/letter from the educational institute in which the student is enrolled. (8) Students are not allowed to get trained or work at an establishment that’s be suspended.

Article (02)

  • Any establishment is permitted to recruit students aged 15 years and above during their academic year holidays, for a period that does not exceed three consecutive months each time, except upon a decision issued by the Minister or whoever the Minister delegates. In all cases, a written contract is required as per the form attached with this decree. The contract shall clarify the nature of work, its duration, the student’s wage, weekly holiday and the number of daily working hours.

Article (04)

  • Considering the terms & conditions stipulated in articles (1), (2) & (3) of this decree, the establishment, in which the juvenile student (aged 15 to 18 years) is being trained or employed during academic year holidays, is obliged to abide by the following:


  • Establishments shall not train or employ juvenile students in any of the prohibited jobs stated in the table attached with the decree.

  • Juvenile students shall not work at night in industrial projects. The term "night" means a period of 12 consecutive hours at least including the period from 8pm until 6am.

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