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What can Energy Gate do for you?

Energy HR

When it comes to talent hunting, Our HR understands that every organization has a unique hiring process. This is why we built multiple channels of sourcing candidates, so you effectively reduce your time-to-fill, and find the right match for all your job openings.


Creating good candidate engagement and maintaining cordial client relationships could be a stressful task -- Constant follow ups are a mandatory routine.

Automating these daily tasks by creating alerts and triggers upon specific updates, would ensure you get your work done without having to worry about missing resumes.


Quantifying your efforts and strategies regularly is very important. Our Advanced HR Analytics has pre bundled reports and several dashboards that auto-generate reports to help you fix what's not working.


Find your successful applicant sources, job opening statuses, interview progress, team performance, among others.​​

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What makes us so special?

Whats Makes Energy Gate So Special

HR Features Include:

  • Administration Module: To setup companies, calendar and their related data. The Administration Module manages all the details of a company’s employee  benefits including healthcare, welfare, tax benefits, and other finance related options.

  • Leave Management: A leave management system, also known as (LMS) is a platform that enables a company to easily and correctly allocate, track and grant leave as well as allow for employees to request and track their own leave. This module works in alignment with the company policy. The leave schedules can be automated using the module. Booking, tracking and approving any form of  time off work becomes easy. Some other features this module provides are listed below:

       1. Information on leave balance for any kind of time off

      2. Online application with easy access

      3. Granting rights to HOD and HR department.

      4. Allowing all employees to view their leave history

  • Training and Development:​ Working closely with the performance management  module, this module works as a base where individual training, bookings, requirement and feedback are operated. The module also automates the process of allocated budget and the actual training expenditures. Here are some of the  important features this module provides.

       a. Centralization of all learning data.

       b. Easy to set up training sessions, schedule exams and                           assignments. 

       c. Lowers the training cost.

       d. Full visibility into the training process.

  • Time and Attendance:​ The timings regularities, biometric information and  attendance, etc., are the parts of this module. It keeps track of the employee attendance and keeps the data secured for the future reference. Some of the most important features this module provides are mentioned below:

  • Integration with various kinds of attendance readers like biometric readers etc.

  • Calendar appearance for better visualization of employee attendance

  • Shift management platform for flexible scheduling

  • Application facilities for holidays and Short Leaves

  • Management for overtime

  • Documents Management: It is an online document storage and communication tool that keeps your business organised and  your employees up-to-date. Our HR software allows efficient management of employee files, enables automation of workforce  procedures, and gives greater control over forms, policies and much more. It simplifies the management, processing and protection of  employee and business critical HR data. Employees Services: Service requests can be accessed by any employee from their personal dashboard.The requests are forwarded to the dashboard of the direct manager, which is forwarded to the Human Resource department after review.In case of queries or missing documents the HR department can send a message through the message stream, tagging the service request number to the concerned employee who in turn an upload the same.

  • After evaluation the the service request can be approved and assigned to the concerned personnel for actions, the concerned personnel will get a notification of the same on their dashboard.

  • All the requests are stored in the register and can be retrieved at any point of time.

  • Legal consultation service is offered to employee through the Legal Department

  • Transfer Tool: System allows you to transfer employees from one company to another.

  • Company policies and procedures establish the rules of conduct within an organization, outlining the responsibilities of both employees and employers. Company policies and procedures are in place to protect the rights of workers & business interests of employers.

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