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Laws For Training Providers

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Valid Training Permit

  • As per the law, all training companies in the UAE should be registered with the relevant government authority overseeing  training in each emirate. For Dubai, this will be the KHDA (Knowledge & Human Development Authority) & in Abu Dhabi, ACTVET (Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education & Training) is the concerned authority.

  • While the law has been in place for a few years, there have been recent instances of companies flouting rules and operating without a licensed permit. KHDA is actively inspecting to ensure that companies adhere to rules and have correct operating mechanisms in place. For e.g. if a UK company that does not have a local presence, is conducting training in a Dubai hotel, they must have a valid  training permit for the course duration from KHDA. Moreover, the local establishment must also obtain relevant approvals from the  tourism authority.


For UK Company

  • As a UK company, there are 2 legal routes to deliver training in Dubai:

  • Having a registered presence in the emirate

  • Partnering with a locally registered company

  • If you operate on a fly-in and out model to conduct training in Dubai, you must apply for a permit each time you are here, for the specified duration. Violation of rules can result in a fine of as much as AED 50,000.

  • There may be a few exemptions to this rule. For detailed guidance and information on the legislation, please check this link: . The relevant documents are listed under ‘Training Centres related decrees and KHDA Regulations’. The document on ‘Executive Council Decision No 50 of 2015 Concerning regulating Training Institutes in Dubai’ provides details on training permit fees and fines.

  • If you need further information, please contact KHDA directly. For assistance in setting up and reaching out to local partners, speak to us – we will be happy to help.

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