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Frequently asked questions

How does my credit history impact my chances of getting approved for an ISA?

We do not base our approval on a particular credit score. However, we will look for major credit issues and will decline if any issues exist.

How long does a Stride ISA last?

A Stride ISA generally lasts 5-7 years from funding based on your graduation date. The repayments stop after 60 months of payments.

How much funding can I get?

Stride offers up to $25,000 in education funding per year.

How are rates calculated?

ISA percentages depend on a number of factors including academic program, college or university, and when a student will start earning an income.

What are the risks to students?

ISAs have a fixed income percentage to make your payments affordable based on your earnings. On the flip side, if a student earns a higher salary than expected, they may end up paying more than they would with a loan. At Stride, we cap the total amount paid at 2 times the amount borrowed to limit this risk for our students.

Will an ISA affect my financial aid?

Nope! Most schools treat ISAs just like private student loans.

Where do I make my ISA payment?

If you are a customer and have questions regarding your ISA repayment, visit our servicing partner, Knowledge Finance.