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Terms & Conditions

Energy Gate Terms Of Use

Terms & Conditions For Talent Exchange Membership

  • This plan is based on a minimum annual Subscription. The charges will be taken monthly or as per the user convenience.

  • You avail a maximum of 30 employees which can be enlisted on the Talent Exchange. Any more than this will be chargeable.

  • A maximum of 5 Talents can be Confirmed Hired through the Exchange. Any more required will be chargeable.

  • 1 Talent will be offered a complete recruitment service for your needs. More than this will carry a service fee.

  • The platform used for this plan is entitled for 1 User only. Additional charges will apply for adding another user access.

  • Any add-on Tools will carry an additional charge to integrate with Talent Exchange.

Wise Quotes

"Don't grieve anything you lose comes around in another form."

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