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Laws For UAE Residents

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Working in the Private Sector

  • Federal Law No. 8 of 1980 also known as the Labour Law as amended governs the labor rights of employees in the private sector.

  • The Labour Law handles matters related to working hours, vacation & public holidays, sick leave, employing juveniles, maternity leave, employee records, safety standards, termination of employment & end of service gratuity payments. According to Article 3 of the Law, it applies to all employees working in the UAE, whether UAE nationals or expatriates. However, there are certain categories of employees who are exempt from the law and may have to follow another set of regulations.

  • Employees and workers of the federal government & the local governmental departments

  • Employees & workers in public entities and institutions, whether federal or local & employees & workers appointed for governmental,  federal & local projects

  • Members of armed forces, police & security

  • Domestic servants in private households and similar occupations

  • Workers in farms or pastures with the exception of persons working in agricultural institutions processing the products thereof or the persons permanently operating or repairing mechanical machines required for agriculture.


Emiratisation Laws in the Private Sector

  • The UAE is implementing a strategic plan to promote Emiratisation in the private sector. Read about these laws:

  1. Emiratisation Laws

  2. Emiratisation in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

  3. Emiratisation in Ajman (PDF file, Arabic only)

  4. Emirates Nationals Development Programme

  5. The National Program for Emiratisation. (Tawteen)

Forms & Resources

  • Read some resources which pertain to private sector employment on the website of Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation:

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