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What can Energy Gate do for you?

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Can we get a custom campaign URL

Yes, we can fully customize the URL and add Survey as well as feedback forms to it before showing QR code

Will you provide masks

We can provide the masks. You can also add masks as per defined guidelines of size and packaging

How many masks can it store and dispense

For the available machine, we have 150 store capacity. We can increase the capacity to up to 1000 with a custom requirement

How often do we need a refill

with a capacity of 150 masks, the users will take 1 mask every 3 minutes in an 8hr period. With that logic, 150 masks will be required to refill in 4 days

Can in white-label this product

Yes you can fully brand and customize the communication for this product and white label it as per your requirement

Is there any other way to dispense apart from QR code

Yes we have multiple methods to do the dispensing apart from QR code ranging from an SMS to a tweet and Instagram post

Will I get usage analytics and report

Yes you can get the report as per custom requirement