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What can Energy Gate do for you?

Frequently asked questions

How energy gate makes money?

When a client hires a freelancer, they deposit all the money to energy gate; energy gate holds that money until the client says you completed the work. The freelancer gets paid one week after finishing the job. If you finish the work, you get paid. ... Before you get your money, energy gate takes a percentage of that money.

Can you actually make money on energy gate?

Your hourly rate on energy gate is the price before the service deduction. So if
you list a rate of AED ??? per hour for your first gig, you can expect to earn AED ??? per
hour. When you negotiate a rate for a fixed-price job, the same idea applies; if
you're getting paid AED ??? for a job, you'll be paid AED ??? after the cut

Which is better freelancer or energy gate?

While both platforms are good for freelancers of nearly all skill sets, it's easier to find and secure quality job posts on energy gate, as their vetting process effectively narrows down the competition by quite a bit. Anyone can open a Freelancer.com account, but to create an account on energy gate, you need to be approved

How do I succeed in energy gate?

Writing energy gate work proposals that work
1- Focus on the client's SPECIFIC needs. “Read each job description carefully and take a mental note of exactly what the client wants. ...
2- Overcome objections. ...
3- Start a conversation. ...
4- Under-promise and over-deliver. ...
5- Be consistent.

How to Make Money on energy gate in 7 Steps

1. Define your title. Creating a title for yourself is extremely important because, if done well, you can increase your chances of getting hired. Ideally, your title should be a two- to three-word summary of your core strengths, with maybe a few enhancing words on either side.
2. Define your tags. Choosing skills tags is very important because it affects how you are found by potential clients as well as how you are perceived. Luckily, the process can be easily done by brainstorming 10-20 words that tie in with your freelance title and then cross-checking these with what successful o Desk freelancers in your field are using.
3. Write a clear description. Writing a description can be easily done after you have made a headline and associated tags. When you write your description, try to present arguments for why someone should hire you by focusing on the best pitches first. Most clients are interested in arguments that focus on quality and bigger return on their investment.
4. Take relevant tests. Taking a few tests that are relevant to the work you do is the best way to validate what you claim in your profile description. It can also be an interesting way to learn which skills you need to enhance (or learn from scratch) in order to get jobs in a certain field of work. If English is not your first language, you can use the English tests indirectly to prove your ability to communicate. 5. Do 5-10 small assignments. Even when you’re just starting out, you have to think long term. Be honest, over-deliver, and grow your reputation. Start small by applying for assignments less than AED ???. Make sure they are given by clients with good feedback and who have spent a good deal of money on freelancers. You can then work towards a better rate of pay as you gain more experience and better feedback. To increase your chances of getting hired for these first projects,make sure to answer everything in the client’s brief and say why you should be picked by referring to your skills and experience.
6. Create a portfolio. With the work you have done so far, see if you can add a few samples into the portfolio section of your profile so clients can get an idea of the work you do. Ideally, you want to showcase not only your best work, but your range of skills and project types. It’s also worthwhile to regularly update your portfolio with new jobs as your career progresses.
7. Go for larger jobs. Larger assignments give you the chance to take on more jobs that are similar or to try something new. It’s largely a matter of being strategic and using your existing clients as springboards to get more work. If you have established yourself as a highly skilled freelancer, your future prospects could include continuing in that role, creating and managing an agency or takingyour work offline, if you choose.

Is energy gate free?

energy gate paid plans. The energy gate basic (AED ???) plan offers 60 points (aka Connects) per month.... energy gate provides a good number of skill tests which can be taken after payment

Costs for energy gate?

Energy Gate have paid plans. The energy gate basic (membership) plan offers 60 points (aka Connects) per month. A particular number of Connects gets exhausted each time the user applies for a job. A AED ??? per month fee increases the default Connect points to 70 with carry forward ability up to 140 points. The paid membership scheme also lets the user see
competitor bids. Upwork charges 10% from what a client pays to a contractor (if you use Screenshot Monitor for tracking – you can avoid paying this fee) There are also disbursement fees varied by withdrawal methods. Upwork provides a good number of skill tests which can be taken for free. Contractors can show these test results on their profiles to illustrate expertise

How do payments work on energy gate?

Energy Gate 's payment process provides a window for clients to confirm that
freelancers are paid for the work outlined in the contract. Clients can choose
to pay on a weekly basis for hourly projects, or by project milestones for fixed-
price jobs. A strong jobpost attracts top freelancers

What percentage does energy gate take?

???% for the first AED ??? billed with the client. ???% for lifetime billings with the
client between AED ??? and AED ???

What do I look for when hiring on Energy Gate?

You can evaluate freelancers and agencies by reviewing their energy gate profile. Each freelancer and agency in our marketplace has an energy gate profile. It can include work experience and samples, client feedback; skills test scores and much more. You may also want to look for freelancers and agencies in our Top Rated and Rising Talent programs. Then, have a quick interview with your top candidates to answer questions related to your project.

How do I hire on energy gate?

Once you've signed up, you can post a job, review matches, interview via chat or
video, and engage your preferred candidate.

Can I grow my business through Upwork?Can I grow my business through Upwork?

Yes, you can build a business online that's personally and professionally rewarding. When you deliver great work to your clients, success will follow. The most successful are:  Responsive to client needs  Excellent at communicating with their clients  Upfront about their abilities and deadlines  Able to deliver excellent work on time, every time

How to Land Your First Job on Energy Gate: Top Tips from a Seasoned Freelancer?

 Eliminate all distractions. ...
 Be patient. ...
 Make your profile shine. ...
 Test your knowledge. ...
 Make sure your portfolio isn't empty. ...
 Try to avoid looking unprofessional. ...
 Carefully read the job description. ...

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